Thank You Event: Date, Time and Location

Event Date & Time
April 15, 2006 @ 12 Noon (your local timezone)

Event Location
Your town.

Keep it simple.
Get your location figured out.
Call your local press.
Call your friends.
Dress nicely, as if you were attending a formal event.
Show up.

Thank You.

We're the Americans you don't hear about on the radio or TV. We wake up every day concerned about the direction America is taking under the Bush administration.

Here's the twist.

We're middle of the road. We're business owners. Many of us work in corporate America. Some of us have professional degrees. Some of us are soldiers. We're Democrats and Republicans who are not being seen or heard.

There are Republicans terrified about what this administration is doing to the environment. There are Democrats enraged about this administration's total lack of sound fiscal policy.

Moderate, sensible Americans make up the majority of our country, and we're searching for a voice. But the media only covers distorted messages from extremists on the left and the right.

We show up at the protests. But we don't get filmed. We don't get on the radio. But we do get labeled and belittled.

Are you an American who fears our children's future is in the hands of what may be the worst executive administration in our nation's history? Join us at our Thank You event, and meet others who just might agree.

The Thank You Event.

Dress nicely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
We're Americans concerned about the direction America is taking under the Bush administration. While we may be members of different political parties, we share a set of concerns that transcend our affiliations.

What is the idea behind the Thank You Event?
Demonstrate and communicate the concerns of the sensible American majority, without our voices being distorted or obscured by extremists on either the right or the left.

Is this event a protest against the war in Iraq?
Not specifically. Americans now share a broader and more complex range of concerns: National security, fiscal responsibility, corruption in government.

What do I need to attend this event?
A concern for where America is heading under the current administration.